3 free apps you gotta know about

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Technology is a double edged sword but it can be a positive way to connect, learn and organise your life. I am constantly downloading apps but after a few months I find myself clearing them off my phone as I simply haven’t used them. However these are the ones that remain and I continue to love and use :: Since Head Space stopped being free I now use Smiling Mind- a great app for guided meditations. If you are useless at leading yourself this is a great tool to have at hand :: Memrize- if you want to learn a new language even if you’re simply going on holiday and want to learn the basics this the absolute best especially as it’s addictive and you learn with all your senses :: P Tracker Lite ( for the ladies )- This is great for tracking your period and noting any changes. It also lets you know your fertile times which is great if you’re not into putting hormones in your body…

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