The 3 Step Method to Unearth Your Ultimate Yoga Retreat

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With a sea of yoga retreats out there it can be super confusing to find the right one for you. I know I get it as I’ve been there. Hence I am writing this article to help those of you who are confused or who want advice on the best way to go about it. I have created a simple method to help you find your ultimate yoga retreat in 3 Simple Steps.


Set your Non Negotiables:

Budget Maximum
Date Range


What are your Preferences : (you may only have 1)

Type of Yoga

Locations: You may have a burning desire to go to Italy and hence this is your Preference.

Teachers: You may attend a workshop or class with a teacher and love their style and would follow them to Australia. Then this is your preference. If you are not sure have a look into the teacher by watching videos attending their classes or simply having a read on their profile. You will know if they are the kind of person you connect with. This is super important. Connecting with a teacher that you like on a personal level is key and the rest will fall into place.

Type of Yoga: if you are interested in Yin yoga or you have always wanted to learn SUP Yoga then this is your Preference. If you are not sure of the what you like then look for retreats open for beginners within a Preference you are sure about.


Head to Unearth Yoga and use the filter on the Yoga Retreats with these in mind.


Hi my name is Alice Hoggarth, I work in PR and I live in West London. I want to go on a yoga retreat over the weekend within a few hours drive from my house. I like relaxing yoga- I’m not sure of the exact types as I have dipped in and out of various classes but I would rather not be sweating all the time! Oh and I love the idea of getting a massage. Budget wise something that isn’t going to break the bank!

Budget £500

Date Range: Any weekend in the next couple of months

Preferences: UK, Relaxing Yoga, Massage on offer


3 Step Method to Discovering your Ultimate Yoga Retreat:: Unearth Yoga

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