5 ways to get deep with your sleep

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Apart from the obvious things like good exercise and a good diet of whole foods here are some tricks that can help you to unwind to get a good night sleep. Studies have shown that 4-6 hours of deep sleep is better than 8 hours of light sleep so spending an extra 15-30 minutes on unwinding can be more efficient and well worth the effort plus you might quite enjoy it! There are many psychological benefits of deep sleep: It is an especially refreshing part of the sleep cycle as it restores us physically and mentally.

Many important physiological processes occur during deep sleep like cell repair. Unfortunately, our access to deep sleep is also vulnerable to the effects of stress; sleep disruption, aging and the use of many drugs. So here are 5 simple tricks that you can do straight away to help you reach deep sleep:

1.Turn off all technology:: so no Facebook scrolling in the bed. Be disciplined as technology is tempting and turn them all off. If you use your phone for an alarm put it on airplane mode . If you have any thing with a glowing light like a dvd player, TV or laptop turn them off at the mains also not just with the handset as the glowing light will disturb your sleep. Do something simple instead read a good book or try the new craze of coloring in. Sometimes I journal or simply make a gratitude list in my head of all the good things that have happened to me that day or that I’m grateful for.

2.Sleep in clean sheets and night wear :: or if you prefer to be naked make sure you are clean too. This is why I tend to bath at night as it helps to purify the day and keep the bed cleaner for longer. Everyone body loves a clean freshly made bed. I understand you can’t have clean sheets every day however following the bath before bed rule and spending 5 minutes to make your bed properly can have the desired effect in-between sheet changes.

3.Sleep in natural materials :: So many sheets on the market are produced from man-made fabrics so you don’t have to iron them plus they are often cheaper. Would you get a bad haircut just because it was cheaper? It’s about value vs quality of living. So keep this in mind when you are out sheet shopping and quite frankly a slightly ruffled look is little sacrifice when you feel the cotton against your skin. (Alternatively get your iron out! ) The science behind this is that natural materials allow your skin to breath and in turn your body can regulate your body temperature better to allow perfect homeostasis for a good night zzz.

4.Open your windows :: Make sure you have a little fresh air flowing into your bedroom. If you are cold add a soft rug or double your duvet. I love having a 10 tog for summer and a 4 tog that links together for winter. Letting some air into your room will help the chi of your room and prevent stagnation in the law of feng shui. And no one wants bad chi! If you prefer open your window in the day to or use a good air-purifier to keep the air full of oxygen.

5. Take natural sleep remedies :: If you need something a little stronger Bach’s Rescue Remedy, a natural product available in Boots, has a nighttime tincture or chews that will help to relax the nerve system. (Please use as advised on product.) When you have a relaxed nerve system it is near impossible to be uptight, wound up or have insomnia. I tend to carry this miracle cure everywhere with me as it also helps with shock and jet lag. A perfect handbag SOS.

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