8 Tips for New Yoga Teachers

Chloe Porter Stretching it out on the Ocean: 8 Tips for a New Yoga Teacher- Article by Chloe Porter for Unearth Yoga
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So you have just completed your first 200 hour teacher training? Well done and welcome! Becoming a yoga teacher is a wonderful step towards not only spreading your love of yoga but ensuring that it becomes a regular part of your life. It’s not always easy to navigate the early years of this new journey so i have come up with 8 Tips for New Yoga Teachers, like yourself,  to help you get the most out of this new qualification…


You may already have an established yoga practice and if you do great! The intensive nature of the 200 hour TTC is great but it is important to keep your self practice alive after you finish. This will allow you to get used to your own style, develop discipline and help you plan your classes.


Having a developed self-practice is essential but sometimes it can be a little difficult to get into your own routine. Taking other teachers classes, going on retreats and other trainings is important. This will help you build your knowledge and practice. Go get inspired and invest in yourself!


You will have read some of the most important yoga texts on your TTC but may not have had time for them to sink in. Take time to go back to these books and reread them as many times as you can. You should even consider downloading them as audiobooks. My mum loves to play “Light on Life” by BKS Iyengar while we drive in the car or even on the plane. I have found this super helpful.


Buy a notebook and use this to write in after your practice any things that arouse, any teaching queues you think of and any new sequences you came up with. This will also be a powerful place for you to plan your classes and you can even keep it next to you while you teach.


I know it is hard to get out there and as the yoga world becomes more and more competitive you may find it difficult to find a teaching position quickly. Do not fear! Offering free classes to family members or donation based classes in the park or a community center are great places to start.


One of the beautiful things about teaching yoga is that it is a fantastic job to travel with. Finding volunteer positions on websites like Yoga Trade can A) allow you to travel and discover a new place and B) allow you to rack up teaching hours that will be essential when you want to find a regular teaching position somewhere.


Starting to build a client base and taking on private clients will be very beneficial and allow you to become more stable economically. Yoga, at the base, was always a one on one practice between student and teacher. Coming back to this style of teaching can be very rewarding.


A common challenge that I have seen in Yoga is embracing all facets of being self employed. Knowing how to put yourself out there is important when you work for yourself. Building yourself a website and getting on social media can make a large difference and set you apart. You can even consider doing a basic marketing course.

Lastly, embrace change and the natural fluctuations of life. Life as a yoga teacher can be very unpredictable at times yet it is one of the most rewarding paths I know 😉 Stick to your practice and have faith in yourself, you will do wonderfully!



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