Do you mind because the body wants to tell you something!

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Heard the saying the body never lies well today i’m going to remind you that for every decision we make the mind is often not your friend but more often your foe. The only person you can truly rely on (apart from your mother of course) is your body. I can hear you thinking, but hold on a minute the body doesn’t speak english. However it does feel and your feelings are the best navigation system with only two directions: Good Feeling and anything else. So the mind with all its coded language and external variables can be complicated and super stressful especially as it’s often in conflict with your feelings. Some people like to think of these feelings as your gut feeling or intuition. ‘ If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. And there’s a reason for that – our intuition rarely lies.’ Read on to find out why you should Trust your Intuition….

The 3 less obvious reasons to get cleaning

Unearth Yoga Article by Maudie Johnson: The 3 Less obvious reasons to get cleaning
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Personally I love a good clean and feel so much happier in my space when it’s bright and sparkling. But why is this I ask myself? A theory I have come up with is since love is the positive currency of life perhaps when something is clean it shows that attention, effort and love has been applied leaving a residue of good vibes which slowly fade over time until renewed. Not to mention tidy and clean spaces make room for creativity. So for me cleaning is not only a physical outlet but a spiritual one. Then there’s the ‘clear desk, clear mind,’ aspect. Some find cleaning very meditative and some meditation techniques even suggest using cleaning as a tool for meditation. And so the Mind now too joins the Body and Spirit cleaning brigade. So get your marigolds on and think of all the shiny benefits you will receive. I highly recommend eco cleaning products that are good for your health as well as the planets. See a list below. Most items can be purchased on….


Unearth Yoga Article by Maudie Johnson:: Yoga :: to music or not to music?
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Many yogis would say playing music during yoga detracts from what it’s about. Backed up by the fact that you wouldn’t have caught BKS Iyengar listening to music during his practice. Perhaps they have a point I wonder. But what I also know along with many of my students is the lull of a good tune helps free the mind and give you that feel good factor. And isn’t that what yoga is about? Connecting with yourself and your senses by being fully present. Well for me it is. So for now I’m going with that feel good factor and that’s why I wanted to share my favourite playlist with you. Press play and I promise it’ll put you in the mood to get on your mat or simply listen wherever you are and at least trick your senses into believing you are in Savasana…


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I have often pondered the difference between the two. Well at least from a nutritional point of view rather than a physical point of view however for the sake of anyone who might not know i’m going to break it down: Juicing removes pulp whilst smoothies’ retain the whole food source. And since smoothies are more inline with Mother Nature, I hear you thinking, perhaps they are better for you? Yes I would agree It does seem this way however it depends on how you take it and for what reasons. If you remove the pulp you are also removing the energy required to digest the fibre before obtaining the nutrients and therefore you preserve energy which is used instead for detoxing or fighting an illness or disease. Hence its important to understand for what reason you are taking it and in conjunction with what other food. I think the answer is nothing is better or worse I think the best way to think about it is what is appropriate? But for now the best advice I can offer is to experiment and go for what you like…


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My friends and I have so many mixed views and opinions about Valentines Day that it’s certainly a topic that can’t be overlooked. Flashback to my teens when I would head eagerly to the school’s post table adorned with a sea of red, white and pink envelopes with hopeful anticipation that was meet only with disappointment layered on top with a thick layer of awe for the girls who received cards from actual male admirers and not just their mothers disguised as their pets or even worse false admirers! So why did it mean so much to me then for it only to do a 180 now. Was it that I had been sucked into the commercial aspect of Valentine’s Day or was it that I was simply a romantic at heart? Nowadays in the shadow of these false hopes never met I believe love should be given all year round and not only on this one day. I’m certainly not an anti however I’m also not fully engaged especially when it comes to all the jewels, cuddly toys and chocolates. Surely the manufactured aspect takes away from real romance? Thus perhaps this makes me an inverted romantic so for now somewhere in between will do just fine….