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We all hold the controller when it comes to our dream life. So let’s start by acknowledging this fact and taking some action that’s gunna make 2016 the best year yet. Here’s the method I use to start the manifestation process: start with a large white piece of paper. On one side write down all the things you are grateful for right now and on the other side write down all the things you desire for the year ahead. Then comes the fun part-Visualising. Start to imagine you have what you want right now and enjoy those feelings. Spend time with this feeling by playing out your day, week and year. Now all you have to do is move into this feeling everyday. I like to pin this list above my bed and twice daily visualise and feel my desires as reality and they will become your reality…


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For me the prospect of purchasing presents and getting it ‘right’ can be an overwhelming feeling often resulting in a last minute rush through overcrowded shops leaving me stressed and detached from the true meaning of giving. Isn’t it sad that the pure act of giving is being tarnished by a mildly coerced exchanging of gifts. Please note I am not anti gifts or giving, I simply feel that the materialist nature of Christmas combined with expectation engulfs me and I find myself quietly wondering if my presence alone would be enough? However as I begin to wrap my chosen gifts, I start to feel the joyous process of giving and I know then that the pleasure is really all mine!…

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Are we a design malfunction meant to have a furry outer coat or are we indeed meant to live this way? It took me a while to understand the naked effect and it’s only now I realise it power. Sometimes when you can’t seem to shake the day off and you’re not entirely sure what it is you need for me sometimes that means removing the losing the layers around me. After some research indeed i’m not along.  Discover 10 reasons why you should get naked more often…

by Bobbi Klein for Life Hack



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108 explains the origins for the name of this new online community which has caught my attention recently. Having delved deeper I discovered that for $14 a month, the same price as Spotify Premium or Netflix, you can enjoy continually updated classes choosing from 4 houses: Move, Calm, Nourish and Explore. Rachel Brathen, the big name behind one O eight used Kick Starter to launch the site. With the help of 6,511 backers who pledged $430,943 to help bring this project to life, it seems that a growing number of us really are helping to change the world…

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Having found the style you love (or maybe not, in which case follow the flow chart above) perhaps through many a trail and error ; those times where you’ve found your blissfully ignorant yogi self in some advanced Ashtanga workshop or in a Kirtan lengthy chanting session and you’re the kind of person who can barely bring yourself to murmur a faint Om! Well the truth, and you’re not going to like it, is that the classes that make you feel most uncomfortable, irritable or challenged (mentally more than physically ) are your true remedy. So do what you (don’t) love and check into a class that you’ve been purposefully avoiding. You never know you might start to enjoy it…