Do you mind because the body wants to tell you something!

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Heard the saying the body never lies well today i’m going to remind you that for every decision we make the mind is often not your friend but more often your foe. The only person you can truly rely on (apart from your mother of course) is your body. I can hear you thinking, but hold on a minute the body doesn’t speak english. However it does feel and your feelings are the best navigation system with only two directions: Good Feeling and anything else. So the mind with all its coded language and external variables can be complicated and super stressful especially as it’s often in conflict with your feelings. Some people like to think of these feelings as your gut feeling or intuition. ‘ If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. And there’s a reason for that – our intuition rarely lies.’ Read on to find out why you should Trust your Intuition….


Unearth Yoga Article by Maudie Johnson:: Yoga :: to music or not to music?
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Many yogis would say playing music during yoga detracts from what it’s about. Backed up by the fact that you wouldn’t have caught BKS Iyengar listening to music during his practice. Perhaps they have a point I wonder. But what I also know along with many of my students is the lull of a good tune helps free the mind and give you that feel good factor. And isn’t that what yoga is about? Connecting with yourself and your senses by being fully present. Well for me it is. So for now I’m going with that feel good factor and that’s why I wanted to share my favourite playlist with you. Press play and I promise it’ll put you in the mood to get on your mat or simply listen wherever you are and at least trick your senses into believing you are in Savasana…


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I had heard rumours a couple of years back that wearing underwear made from man-made fibres is not ideal your lady parts as it can disrupt the natural bacteria causing all sorts of problems. I had also heard that the underwire in bras stops the breast’s lymphatic system expelling toxins to the nearest lymph nodes (aka your arm pits) Upon hearing this I immediately made the switch in the knicker department but it took me a while to let go of my trustee underwired bras. Then I discovered the comfiest non underwired bras in M&S: Comfortable, super supportive and bosom enhancing- what’s not to love? So I bought two in each shade. Other studies have also shown that wearing bras all together can damage our health but for now I’m not going to go Charlie Dimmock on you but continue to wear my non underwire bras and ‘mi’ white cotton knickers…


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‘ Let your E…GO,’ a clever play on words that got me thinking about the Ego and its importance or rather danger zones. Whilst recently excited to be getting my mitts on a new ski shell combo, my Ego so clearly flattered to be trying on an XS, that I let it proceed my rationale and We ended up purchasing an outer layer that I simply can’t fit anything else underneath! Upon telling my friend this tale whilst out skinning in my new XS outfit we laughed out loud that one can always appear ‘extra small’ when simply standing still! And thus slightly larger when maneuvering your way up a mountain! So I can truly vouch for the fact that my Ego most definitely superseded me in that moment and has left me rather cold and immobile. So I suppose the question I am now looking to answer is: Can our Ego ever be of any use to us…?


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A debate that one could argue would depend on the intention behind the change. Q. Was it a change made out of love or out of fear ? Having faced some legal concerns over our name, Loveyogabum and being rather attached to the name, I was initially upset and panicky about the thought of losing it. What with it holding so many fond memories and representing the last 4 years of my life i’m sure you can understand my initial resistance. Having been working on a new website at this time I paused and wondered about this timing. Perhaps not a coincidence but rather a sign to change. So rather a tad reluctant I started brain storming and suddenly there it was: Unearth Yoga. A name I felt so strongly about and one that I felt better represented the business and the future. However this is not to say that the change wasn’t born in fear but rather transformed into love. This name change unhinged my mental windows to a wider and more beautiful vision for the business making me think perhaps change is for the best…