5 (More) Reasons to book a Healthy Hen?

Girls munching their Healthy Picnic Feast Made by the Unearth Yoga team on a Healthy Hen on the beach

Your bestie is engaged and you’ve got the role of organizing the Hen Party?

Feeling the pressure to find a great solution ?
Not into alcohol drenched, feather boas wearing nights on the town?
Getting stressed by the thought of organizing it all?

Unearth Yoga have the perfect solution. We offer a flexible service with the choice of four packages to suit your Hen Party needs.


4 Fundamental differences between men + woman

Man & Woman:: what are the fundamental differences? Maudie Johnson freelance wellness writer and yoga teacher explains
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4 Fundamental Differences between Men + Woman / / Heard of the best selling book:: ‘Men are from Mars, Woman are from Venus.’ The title says it all apparently but what exactly does this mean? Yes we are both fruit but the reality is men are apples and we are peaches. The best we can do is understand this and use that knowledge to our advantage. This has nothing to do with equality but rather a biological disposition that gives us a difference both physically and psychologically. Problems simply arise when we expect or assume the opposite sex should think, feel or act the way we do. So why not learn from these differences and equip ourselves as best we can…

So here are 4 differences between Men + Woman ::


The 3 less obvious reasons to get cleaning

Unearth Yoga Article by Maudie Johnson: The 3 Less obvious reasons to get cleaning
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Personally I love a good clean and feel so much happier in my space when it’s bright and sparkling. But why is this I ask myself? A theory I have come up with is since love is the positive currency of life perhaps when something is clean it shows that attention, effort and love has been applied leaving a residue of good vibes which slowly fade over time until renewed. Not to mention tidy and clean spaces make room for creativity. So for me cleaning is not only a physical outlet but a spiritual one. Then there’s the ‘clear desk, clear mind,’ aspect. Some find cleaning very meditative and some meditation techniques even suggest using cleaning as a tool for meditation. And so the Mind now too joins the Body and Spirit cleaning brigade. So get your marigolds on and think of all the shiny benefits you will receive. I highly recommend eco cleaning products that are good for your health as well as the planets. See a list below. Most items can be purchased on Amazon.co.uk….


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My friends and I have so many mixed views and opinions about Valentines Day that it’s certainly a topic that can’t be overlooked. Flashback to my teens when I would head eagerly to the school’s post table adorned with a sea of red, white and pink envelopes with hopeful anticipation that was meet only with disappointment layered on top with a thick layer of awe for the girls who received cards from actual male admirers and not just their mothers disguised as their pets or even worse false admirers! So why did it mean so much to me then for it only to do a 180 now. Was it that I had been sucked into the commercial aspect of Valentine’s Day or was it that I was simply a romantic at heart? Nowadays in the shadow of these false hopes never met I believe love should be given all year round and not only on this one day. I’m certainly not an anti however I’m also not fully engaged especially when it comes to all the jewels, cuddly toys and chocolates. Surely the manufactured aspect takes away from real romance? Thus perhaps this makes me an inverted romantic so for now somewhere in between will do just fine….


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// Having just picked up our long awaited puppy it seems unconditional love comes in a bundle of black hairy fluff. Even when put in her night cage for the first time she still loves you as much as ever come the morning. This got me thinking about the conditions we humans attach to love and does it really serve us? I would like to think I give unconditional love but on closer investigation there seems to mostly be conditions even when disguised as a code of conduct or a seemingly reasonable request. However when it comes to animals it appears that even when they chew your favourite shoes we can’t help but love them despite this and maybe it’s because we respond with a similar love to that given?