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Unearth Yoga Founder Maudie Johnson hanging out upside down


UNEARTH YOGA’s ETHOS IS A WAY OF LIVING, AN ATTITUDE OF HUMOUR, HEALTH AND HAPPINESS with yoga being our surf board to ride life’s waves…


We believe that a Healthy Life is a Happy Life and we strive to make positive changes starting with ourselves. Unearth Yoga has both Soul and Service. We live authentically being mindful and conscious of our planet and those around us.  We aim to nurture and support our tribe … Join us on a  Healthy Hen or Yoga Retreat


‘Congruency: When your thoughts, feelings and actions all align….’

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Social Mission/

Social Mission

We are on a mission to educate and empower teenage girls to love themselves from the inside out with our Teen Yoga Retreats.

Core Values/

Core Values

We believe in Kindness, Character and Taking Responsibility. Standing up for what we believe in and not giving into the status quo.

Eco Life/

Eco Life

We believe the noblest question in the world is, 'What good may i do innit.' We work and live responsibility and consume consciously.

Maudie Johnson
A note from the founder

Maudie Johnson

Hello and welcome to Unearth Yoga the home I have carefully created and continue to nurture for those who love Yoga and a Healthy Lifestyle. We offer Bespoke Healthy Hens and a collection of the Ultimate Yoga Retreats in the UK and Worldwide.

With a passion for combining yoga + health with travel + culture I have hand selected the Ultimate collection of Yoga Retreats to make your search super simple saving you time and energy that could be used better elsewhere!

We like to serve you our loyal customer with the lowest prices: simply sign up to recieve 10% off all yoga retreats.

I hope to you see you in down dog soon! Love Maudie xo

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