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Teen ‘Mini’ Yoga Retreats

At Unearth Yoga we realise that a Healthy Life is a Happy Life. So we designed Teen Mini Yoga Retreats to promote and educate a healthy lifestyle through healthy cooking, yoga + mediation. We believe learning to be healthy at a young age is the best time to implement these skills. We have a lot of fun in an informal manner that helps younger generations to relax, absorb and learn better.

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What the girls are saying:

‘I really enjoyed the day as it helped me relax before my exams ‘Davina Daly

‘I loved learning new healthy recipes using foods i hadn’t used before’ Fenella Redding

‘So relaxing and informative- thank you’ Victoria Plant

‘I learnt a lot of new things’ Sacha

‘I enjoyed relaxing and it really cool plus the music was cool!’ Sofie Srankier

‘Thank you so much for coming to Tudor for the vitality day. We really enjoyed it and it has definitely inspired me!’ Alice Pickthorn

‘It was really laid back and relaxing so i really enjoyed it!’ Venetia

‘I really enjoyed learning how to relax the body and learn yoga.  The self massage was really helpful and i love the healthy food’- Sophie Walker

‘It was really good to know how to relax’ Izzy Batt

‘I attended a workshop last year in my final term at school, it was an excellent stress release during exam periods and allowed me to refocus. It was also great learning more about nutrition before attending university! Thank you for a wonderful day and for introducing it to my school! ‘ Anna Ruff

Teen Mini Yoga Retreats collection of photos and happy memories

‘Thank you so much for coming to Tudor Hall. We really enjoyed it and it has definitely inspired me!’

- Alice Pickthorn

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