How to reclaim your zest for life

Unearth Yoga Article ::How to Reclaim your zest for by Maudie Johnson
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We can all lose our zest for life at times and need to work to get it back. As humans we need hope or a dream but the key is having that sat nav to get you there. I have travelled the long road, the dead end road and the scenic route but i’m somehow travelling in the right direction and now I want to share some of ways that have helped me to get back on track and feel that much needed excitement for living…

WRITE A WISH LIST of all the experiences you want to achieve :: The key here is to focus on experiences like travel or going to a class you’ve been meaning to and not items. Material possessions can take over our lives especially now that we are living a more static life. Action these desires with short term goals by putting them into immediate effect. Book that class and for longer term goals action them with a realistic time frame in your calendar or write research ‘Bali places to stay and look into flights.’

BOOK A YOGA RETREAT:: This doesn’t have to be lavish and can be a uk weekend break. This time away from responsibilities can reconnect you with who you really are and not the labels we put on ourselves like Mother, Lover, Wife, Business Woman. Practicing yoga asana meditation and all that a retreat entails will restore you both mentally and physically.

REVAMP YOUR SPACE:: This could be big or small. Sometimes we just need a change. A haircut, a new way of aligning your bed, a desk declutter, whatever it is just a shift in perspective can help the flow of chi from being stagnant. This can also have a psychological affect and make you feel liberated.

GET A LIFE COACH :: A relatively new profession a Life Coach can be the best person to guide you through this period of your life. Both practical and empathetic this can be money very well spent. Sometimes friends and family are looking at your life with their own desires and needs and this can be confusing and more frustrating. A life coach is there for your needs alone and is qualified to guide you from where you are today to where you want to be.

SELF CARE :: Ask yourself, ‘what makes me feel good?’ and then do just that. If you need some inspiration:: a bubble bath with candles and low lighting, a long walk in nature with a picnic, dancing naked in your bedroom, getting a massage…Pleasure is key here.

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