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I have often pondered the difference between the two. Well at least from a nutritional point of view rather than a physical point of view however for the sake of anyone who might not know i’m going to break it down: Juicing removes pulp whilst smoothies’ retain the whole food source. And since smoothies are more inline with Mother Nature, I hear you thinking, perhaps they are better for you? Yes I would agree It does seem this way however it depends on how you take it and for what reasons. If you remove the pulp you are also removing the energy required to digest the fibre before obtaining the nutrients and therefore you preserve energy which is used instead for detoxing or fighting an illness or disease. Hence its important to understand for what reason you are taking it and in conjunction with what other food. I think the answer is nothing is better or worse I think the best way to think about it is what is appropriate? But for now the best advice I can offer is to experiment and go for what you like…

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