8 Tips for New Yoga Teachers

Chloe Porter Stretching it out on the Ocean: 8 Tips for a New Yoga Teacher- Article by Chloe Porter for Unearth Yoga
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So you have just completed your first 200 hour teacher training? Well done and welcome! Becoming a yoga teacher is a wonderful step towards not only spreading your love of yoga but ensuring that it becomes a regular part of your life. It’s not always easy to navigate the early years of this new journey so i have come up with 8 Tips for New Yoga Teachers, like yourself,  to help you get the most out of this new qualification…


Yoga Myth Busting : Flexibility

Unearth Yoga- Myth Busting Flexibility
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Yoga Myth :

That everybody, if they try hard enough, can get their leg behind their heads

Often heard:

“if you keep practicing you will get there”


The more recent studies of teacher Paul Grilley on the anatomy of bone structure has shed more light on skeletal alignment and bone shapes that will ultimately determine your range of flexibility. Of course you can work on the flexibility of your muscles and fascia but the reality is some people will never be able to get their leg behind their heads however many hours of everyday they might practice and try. This is of course an extreme example. So let’s talk simply about sitting in crossed legged seated position. Some students will have their knees touching the floor whilst others have their knees somewhere inline with their rib cage and i’m sure you can all relate or at least picture this scene.


The 3 Step Method to Unearth Your Ultimate Yoga Retreat

Sarah Sitting on the Boat Unearth Yoga Retreat to Turkey
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With a sea of yoga retreats out there it can be super confusing to find the right one for you. I know I get it as I’ve been there. Hence I am writing this article to help those of you who are confused or who want advice on the best way to go about it. I have created a simple method to help you find your ultimate yoga retreat in 3 Simple Steps.


Set your Non Negotiables:

Budget Maximum
Date Range


8 Indoor Plants that will boost your Health

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WHY BRINGING OUTDOORS IN IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH // being outdoors feels so good you sometimes you wonder why you didn’t leave the house earlier. When i’m outdoors i feel free and ideas flow. The clear air, the open space and the ever evolving landscape reminds you that life is all around. It’s reaches all the senses. Being indoors can feel stagnant and there are scientific reasons for this.Indoor plants don’t just look good—they make us feel good mentally and physically, too. They absorb atmospheric toxins and break them down into gentile organic by-products. Studies also show that indoor plants can boost morale, productivity, concentration and creativity, and reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats, and colds.


3 free apps you gotta know about

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Technology is a double edged sword but it can be a positive way to connect, learn and organise your life. I am constantly downloading apps but after a few months I find myself clearing them off my phone as I simply haven’t used them. However these are the ones that remain and I continue to love and use :: Since Head Space stopped being free I now use Smiling Mind- a great app for guided meditations. If you are useless at leading yourself this is a great tool to have at hand :: Memrize- if you want to learn a new language even if you’re simply going on holiday and want to learn the basics this the absolute best especially as it’s addictive and you learn with all your senses :: P Tracker Lite ( for the ladies )- This is great for tracking your period and noting any changes. It also lets you know your fertile times which is great if you’re not into putting hormones in your body…