Christian Gentile

Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Massage therapist, Thai Massage Teacher

Initially trained in massage In the UK in 2005, Christian began practicing Yoga as a way to cultivate and preserve energy for his clients. In 2007 he trained In Thai Yoga Massage with Pichest Bounthumme, in Thailand where he learned not only powerful massage techniques but also the importance of devotion and meditation. To be in peace with himself and others is key to his personal health and that of the clients he treats. Since Thailand, Thai massage became his main massage practice. In 2008 the motherland of Yoga, India called and Christian went, meeting many inspiring people in the yoga world. He met his teacher Akilesh Brhamachari from the Swamy Dayananda ashram in Rishiekesh where he completed his 200hr Hatha Yoga training. Akilesh's teaching from the Iyengar lineage and purist ashram life gave Christian an authentic experience and knowledge to begin his journey into yoga as a teacher. In 2011 Christian completed a 200hr Yoga therapy certification with Swara Yoga School in India which deeply influenced his style of teaching. Not only did his classes adopted more of a therapeutic feel but he also began to treat client one to one with extremely good results. From 2009 to 2015 Christian spent his time working as a Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist between Europe, and India, teaching Yoga classes working as a massage therapist, collaborating in Yoga teachers training, and more recently creating Yoga retreats with Chloe and his own Thai massage certified courses. Christian combines his massage experience, yoga, meditation and Yoga therapy, to create and teach safe classes for everybody, that brings a deep balancing effect to contribute towards a happier and more balanced life. "I have been really lucky to have met some amazing teachers along my path. Through their knowledge I have been introduced to not only physical but also spiritual practices that made me understand the interconnectivity of everything we see in life. My personal dedication to Yoga, and meditation has made me the teacher I am today"

Things you might not know about me

I own only 2 pairs of long trousers!