Dara Dubinet

Keeping it Raw, Keeping it Real : Vlogger

dara brings calm and inspired confidence into the world of raw food — one of the best worlds to pursue for optimal health and wellness. but where do we start? we start this journey with dara. nothing comes close to the joy she feels when sharing with others the benefits of a raw organic vegan lifestyle. she loves it, breathes it, eats it…she radiates it. in her trademark down-to-earth, clear way, she shows you and gently nudges you toward learning the oh-so-important connection between clean food, clean house, clean body and clean energetic thinking. she’s a mentor, a trusted friend who teaches you how to hear your intuition while leading you step by step through the raw food lifestyle to an inevitable clean, clear and bright life. through all the YouTube videos to her over 49,000 subscribers, she keeps her heart open. she shows you how to do the same and how to look at energy, and listen to your body. she is an unstoppable force for good in this world, and she is 100% here for you, in your health, relationships and your home. she brings all this goodness to a global viewing community that she calls her family. In her honest, kind, open sharing, she is making a huge global, lifestyle impact. as dara says, “i love eating these foods. they are delicious, and preparing them is fun and creative. the energy I have gained by following this lifestyle is beyond anything cooked food ever gave me! there is an immediate infusion of love and vibrancy that happens when someone eats organic living foods prepared with love.” dara dubinet, a name synonymous with raw food and vibrant health, has caught the attention of the raw food community at-large at the 2012 best of raw awards, she won the honor of best raw TV show, best simple food chef, and sexiest raw woman. she is a graduate of George Washington University, Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and certified in the Science of Raw Food Nutrition. dara is a raw food chef, a mother, and a leader to all who seek a better and healthier life through raw food and the raw food lifestyle. join dara on this beautiful journey. she will change your life in magical ways so then you can become the catalyst for change in the people’s lives that you love. as dara says, it’s all about the love.

Things you might not know about me

I live in Santa Monica, CA