Jennifer Pastiloff

Way-maker. Rule breaker. Shame-Buster. Beautyhunter. Lip-Reader. Writer of things.

Jennifer Pastiloff, Beauty Hunter, Is The Founder Of The Manifest-Station Jennifer Pastiloff, Beauty Hunter, is a writer and yoga teacher living with her husband in Los Angeles when she’s not on an airplane. She travels the world with her unique workshop: The Manifestation Workshop: On Being Human-a hybrid of yoga, writing, sharing out loud, and occasionally a dance party. It's an experience that has been described as distinctly NOT "woo-woo," unpredictable, heart-mending and sometimes messy- just like life. You do not have to be a good yogi, or writer. Just a human being with a body. Jen has been featured on Good Morning America, New York Magazine, CBS News and more for her unique style of teaching. She’s developed a massive and loyal following from her personal essays. She studied poetry and writing at NYU and Bucknell University and is currently finishing her first book, "Beauty Hunting."