Maudie Johnson

Holistic Yoga Coach Yoga Styles Yin, Raja, Hatha, Iyengar,
RYT 500

Not feeling 100% happy in your own skin ? Well I hear you ! But if you are willing to change and feel good being you then yoga can help you do just that. Yoga is an method which helps unlock the emotional body through the physical body. In order to Heal we need to Reveal our True Selves by removing all the layers we are carrying around with us unconsciously and sometimes consciously! Our Childhood creates these layers which getter thicker in our adult life through belief systems that become ingrained. Through movement combined with the breathe Yoga you can peal back these layers. Some of these layers are tough and we can feel an array of emotions whilst opening up the fascia and tissues in our body that carry these emotional traumas. A trauma doesn’t have to be something dramatic, it is something dramatic to us! This is the issue most people face- realising that our emotions aren’t rational!! When you are young you don’t perceive things with rational thinking, you perceive thing through your emotions. So something that my be deemed small to our rational adult mind, like being denied a hug, can be seen as big a trauma your child. We carry this child within us even if we don’t know it- maybe you have heard the term: ‘inner child’, this is what i am referring to. Acknowledging these traumas or simply accepting the emotion attached to it is the first step to healing. This can feel vulnerable and we don’t always like to feel vulnerable!! However this vulnerability is your true power and we have to feel this vulnerability in order to start the process. Yoga can free you from past patterns and beliefs and allow you to move back to your true essence to live ‘Freely, Deeply and Joyfully.’ Having been on a spiritual journey from an early age Maudie discovered yoga as a natural progression from a regular pilates class she took while living in Buenos Aires. With a love for naturopathy and healing she trained as a holistic therapist in her early twenties. After a ski injury she used yoga to help her recovery from two ACL reconstructions. With a love for traveling she went to LA where she was introduced to Kundalini yoga by Harijiwan who was taught by Yogi Bhajan – the first yogi to bring Kundalini to the west. With a yoga training that followed on the beaches of Goa she connected with many beautiful souls. This is where she met her soul sister Chloe whom she went on to form Loveyogabum. “I fell for yoga through the beauty of conscious movement which in itself is meditative and healing. Through the breath which initiates the movement we heal and nurture every aspect of our being leaving us feeling whole and balanced- what a great place to be! So not only do you get the perfect yogabum but you have the state of mind to enjoy it!”

Things you might not know about me

I would love to play the gong