The 3 less obvious reasons to get cleaning

Unearth Yoga Article by Maudie Johnson: The 3 Less obvious reasons to get cleaning
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Personally I love a good clean and feel so much happier in my space when it’s bright and sparkling. But why is this I ask myself? A theory I have come up with is since love is the positive currency of life perhaps when something is clean it shows that attention, effort and love has been applied leaving a residue of good vibes which slowly fade over time until renewed. Not to mention tidy and clean spaces make room for creativity. So for me cleaning is not only a physical outlet but a spiritual one. Then there’s the ‘clear desk, clear mind,’ aspect. Some find cleaning very meditative and some meditation techniques even suggest using cleaning as a tool for meditation. And so the Mind now too joins the Body and Spirit cleaning brigade. So get your marigolds on and think of all the shiny benefits you will receive. I highly recommend eco cleaning products that are good for your health as well as the planets. See a list below. Most items can be purchased on….

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