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My friends and I have so many mixed views and opinions about Valentines Day that it’s certainly a topic that can’t be overlooked. Flashback to my teens when I would head eagerly to the school’s post table adorned with a sea of red, white and pink envelopes with hopeful anticipation that was meet only with disappointment layered on top with a thick layer of awe for the girls who received cards from actual male admirers and not just their mothers disguised as their pets or even worse false admirers! So why did it mean so much to me then for it only to do a 180 now. Was it that I had been sucked into the commercial aspect of Valentine’s Day or was it that I was simply a romantic at heart? Nowadays in the shadow of these false hopes never met I believe love should be given all year round and not only on this one day. I’m certainly not an anti however I’m also not fully engaged especially when it comes to all the jewels, cuddly toys and chocolates. Surely the manufactured aspect takes away from real romance? Thus perhaps this makes me an inverted romantic so for now somewhere in between will do just fine….

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